Eric Giroud designer
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Eric Giroud, watch designer, seeker of consistency 


Born in Switzerland, from a family in the Valais canton, Eric has retained from his upbringing a deep attachment to nature, an exceptional capacity for work and a profound respect for authenticity. Cradled by love and joy from a young age, he has nurtured his natural joie de vivre and let his gregarious personality shine through. Coupled with an early exposure, via his parents, to music, literature, painting and architecture, this has opened up in him a unique sensitivity, combining high-tech and nature. 

As a child, his innate curiosity and artistic creativity were fed continuously by drawing, making scale models and painting. His countless travels added the finishing touches to his open mindedness and revealed the infinite possibilities of the world to him. This enabled him to create his very personal vision and creative universe.

In 1989, he opens his own architecture practice. For him, it is the perfect symbiosis between Art and practicality. « To be an architect is to befriend constraints », as he loves to put it. It is the best way to learn the rules and understand them. The best way to master substance before form. Indeed, for Eric Giroud:

‘’ Freedom is born once you go beyond the rules ’’

He soon extends his realm of expertise to graphic design and packaging through collaboration with several design offices. He creates products as diverse as writing instruments, lighting fixtures, furniture, accessories, phones & even computer screens. In 1997, he sketches his first watch and his passion for this has grown ever since. 

In 1998, he establishes his own watch design office and can henceforth let his artistic sensitivity, his architectural mastery and his creativity flow freely. Architect through and through, he works in cross-sections always keeping the achievable and the aim in mind. Very often it is the sum of the small details that bring about the harmony of a design; and as he likes to repeat: 

‘’ Changing the angle of view enables the perception to shift, the vision
to be enlarged and relevance to be revealed’’

But he also likes to remind us that his creation is not selfish - he simply helps people to bring their ideas to life. His work feeds on human interaction, builds on their willingness and authenticity. Only when he sees the sparkle of emotion in their eyes does he know that he has succeeded and that his work is complete.

His relentless search for deep consistency, over and above pure harmony, quickly earned him the esteem and the recognition of the whole industry. Since 2015, he is a member of the Cultural Council of the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie in style, design and artistic expertise. He collaborates with the most prestigious brands and even though he does not actively look to be in the spotlight, his creations have been acknowledged by numerous prizes.

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